“Welcome to the future” An exhibition by Henrik Svensk

Henrik Svensk (born 1994)
is an artist and a designer driven by both spontaneity and contemplation. Not only does he create organic and abstract art by using acylics, heat and swift movements, but also scuplts dynamic interior decorations in completely biodegradable materials.

Henrik Svensk 2


Henrik Svensk paints with acrylics, ink and resin on canvas and clutch disks. The aim is to break free from the conventional art and rather follow instincts. When creating new work, Svensk is led by the moment. After mixing the pigments and covering the canvas with either black or white base color, the dance begins. Svensk says that ”in the end it’s all about trying to control the chaos that emerge”.
Since the process is mainly instinct driven, the viewer is left to freely interpret Svensk’s work based on their own experiences and perspectives. Analogous to how nature and humans can exist and grow in the limited space in which they reside, Svensk’s work constitutes a sort of organized chaos where colors and complex forms collide like waves.

Spiral VItx

Svensk’s design is, opposed his art, driven by structure and discipline. With additive sculpting in three dimensions he forms clean and dynamic interior decorations inspired by the baroque era. The pieces are designed by using a computerized tool for 3D-modeling and are then printed in PLA, an environmentally friendly thermoplastic material made from cornstarch and cane sugar – completely biodegradable!

Exhibition dates: September 2 – November 30
Place: Hotel Scandic Park, Karlavägen 43 Stockholm

By Lisa Melke

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