”Expressionistic abstract works and soulful faces” at Scandic Park

Exhibition by Arman Sultani at Scandic Park November 2 – December 4
Address: Karlavägen 43, Stockholm

Arman Sultani creates expressionistic abstract works with spontaneous silvery movments with beutiful colors. His composiotions can be compared to musical arrangments, Strong contrast are blended exemplary and with a superb sense of harmony. His paitings are fascinating and mysterious. He is constantley experimenting with figurative and surrealistic elemnts. Beside the abstract works Arman enters, with curiosity, the minds of personalities from history and pop culture resulting in colourful portraits.
”To begin on a new canvas feels like a dip in a northern ocean cold and uncomfortable, but still with a excitement to continue. Painting for me is a way to connect to the world around me. I want to show the course of my life. I paint my everyday feelings and in the rythm of the music, I find my composition. To mix colors is a challange that I love. It makes me feel that I’m transfered into a different dimension where my soul takes control and makes me live my life.
Welcome to get a glimpse of my world!”
Arman Sultani


Happy Dreamer

Mystic Light


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