“Dare to open” Exhibition by Mette Ross

Exhibition by Mette Ross at Hotel Scandic Park
Paintings portraying the different doors we open in our lives. From the ones we only dare to knock to the ones we find the courage to open and the one we enter when it is all over.

Mette is a danish artist living in Stockholm, Sweden, since the last 15 years.
The artwork of Mette Ross consists of expressive and abstract motives with a mix of different materials. Mette paints on everything from small to very large canvases, often with strong colours and gladly with ”a touch of gold”

Some words from the artist:
”Dare to open” is my newest collection of paintings with door knockers. These paintings portray the different doors we open in our lives. The ones we only dare to knock, the ones we close behind us, the ones we dream about and find the courage to open, and the one we enter when it is all over. It is behind these doors we encounter stories about hope, dreams, courage, sadness, happiness and love. The inspiration of ”Open up Your Heart” came from the courage it takes to let someone into the deepest parts of your heart.”
Mette Ross

Exhibition dates: May 1 – June 26
Place: Hotel Scandic Park, Karlavägen 43 Stockholm

Metta Ross & FoKo Art Team

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