“Big Formats” – exhibition by Jenny Grant at Scandic Park

Jenny Grant, lets the female chracters in her art works take shape by putting layer upon layer to the canvas in what one could refer to as a – flow! Jenny works in mixed media and do not hesitate to add; wax, cloth, ink or paper along with acrylic to her paitings. The layers create a fulness to the canvas both in colours, details and intensify the expression of the female characters. As an observer you wonder; Who is this woman on the canvas? What is her story? What’s on her mind?

Listen to your heart

Jenny Grant loves working in big formats and at Scandic Park we are happy to be able to make space for one big painting ”Strength from within”. Walking a long the exhibition walls, you will also see some very small paitings but without lack of fulness, colours or details. To keep the flow in the art works regardless formats or media, is a challenge for any artist. Jenny Grant possesses this talent – granted to a very few.

Exhibition dates: November 28 – January 31
Address: Hotell Scandic Park, Karlavägen 43 Stockholm
For more information: info@fo-ko.se or jenny@flowbyjenny.com

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