Art of Hope Charity Auction

Art of Hope Auction – June 17-23 carried by Stockholm Auction House

Stockholm statues and artworks donated by artists in the fight against childhood cancer.

To be auctioned:
– Photos of public statues and sculptures in Stockholm dressed in superhero eye masks along with the original installations
– Original artworks donated by FoKo artists

The Childhood Cancer Foundation conducts each spring The Week of Hope – activities that make the foundation’s work visible and contribute to their fundraising work. Art of Hope is one activity where art contribute to a good cause.

A showroom for artworks to be auctioned
Welcome to enter the showroom and see all Art of Hope artworks scaled to give you a sense of size when put on a wall at ArtToGoStore.se
Place your bid at Stockholm’s Auktionsverk

Thank you for joining the fight against childhood cancer!

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