Exhibition by Marie-Louise Ullmark at Scandic Park January 28 – March 11

Marie Louise Ullmark_A3Marie-Louise Ullmark has been living and working in USA for more than 26 years. In 2010, when moving back to Stockholm from San Francisco, she couldn’t leave the city behind. She brought San Fran along in her artistry.

In August 2001 I started to paint. I have always felt drawn to artistic expressions and at that point in my life I had the opportunity to indulge in a new career – the one of an artist. In December the same year, I had my very first exhibition in San Francisco. Since then I have done 21 solo exhibitions and have been participaiing in 23 group exhibitions.”

 Marie-Louise Ullmark is an abstract painter. Her paintings are in acrylic on canvas, photos and plexiglass. To create a depth to her paintings, she works with scrapers, rubber squee gees and of course brushes.

”I get my inspiration from everyday life. I always listen to music when painting. I sort of let the music guide my movements, which brings a kind of rhythm into the paintings. To paint is for me an adventure!”

Marie-Louise Ullmark

Marie Louise Ullmark 3

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