Publicerat 2019-02-13

Girlpower 2.0 – Exhibition by Anna Maria Lindholm at Scandic Park

Vernissage_AnnaMariaLindholm II


Exhibition dates:  February 25 – March 31
Vernissage: March 6 at 6 pm
Address: Karlavägen 43 Stockholm


Publicerat 2018-11-28

“Big Formats” – exhibition by Jenny Grant at Scandic Park

Jenny Grant, lets the female chracters in her art works take shape by putting layer upon layer to the canvas in what one could refer to as a – flow! Jenny works in mixed media and do not hesitate to add; wax, cloth, ink or paper along with acrylic to her paitings. The layers create a fulness to the canvas both in colours, details and intensify the expression of the female characters. As an observer you wonder; Who is this woman on the canvas? What is her story? What’s on her mind?

Listen to your heart

Jenny Grant loves working in big formats and at Scandic Park we are happy to be able to make space for one big painting ”Strength from within”. Walking a long the exhibition walls, you will also see some very small paitings but without lack of fulness, colours or details. To keep the flow in the art works regardless formats or media, is a challenge for any artist. Jenny Grant possesses this talent – granted to a very few.

Exhibition dates: November 28 – January 31
Address: Hotell Scandic Park, Karlavägen 43 Stockholm
For more information: or

Publicerat 2018-10-04

“The Danish Swede” – an exhibition by Sten Retlev


Exhibition dates: October 1 – November 11
Address: Hotel Scandic Park, Karlavägen 43 Stockholm
Vernissage: October 18 at 6 pm – 8 pm
To get an invitation to the vernissage, please mail to

About the artist:
Sten Retlev recently became a Swedish citizen, but his Danish origin shines through in his paintings. The wild Nordic sea, the rounded hills, the warm yellow farming landscape or the grey coastal one. Now and then a white and frozen mountain scenery pops up on the canvas, but just for a short while. Powerful colours, surface, palette knife and the linen canvas are all significant features of Sten Retlev’s artistry.
Sten Retlev  and FoKo  Art To Go

Media: acrylic on linen canvas
palette knife
A member of  SKF/Svenska Konstnärsförbundet




Publicerat 2018-06-08

“Tales in colours”

Exhibition by Caroline Roberts at Hotel Scandic Park
June 1 – July 31
Adress: Karlavägen 43 Stockholm
Caroline Roberts, bachelor degree at Colorado Institute of Art in USA, has been working as a illustrator and artist for more than 20 years. In Sweden, Caroline has attended Birkagården’s fine art program and the mentor program at Edsviken’s Art Gallery. Caroline Roberts has done several solo exhibitions and has been participaiing in group exhibitions.
Member of Swedish Draftsman Academy

Humla:Caroline Roberts

Solstrale:Caroline Roberts

Rosesarered:Caroline Roberts

vitpion:Caroline Roberts


Publicerat 2018-05-08

På menyn

  • Utställningar på hotell Scandic Park
  • Pop ups – Art Kitchen – i city under juni, augusti och september
  • Samarbete konstnärer och varumärken
    I en arty mix fram till oktober då vi gör ett uppehåll för FoKo Art To Go.
    Här vårens dream team FoKo Art To Go in close ups.

dream team 8
av HG Eriksson

Dream team 1
av Caroline Roberts

dream team 6
av Tomas Lacke

dream team 3
av Monica Löfgren

dream Team 5
av Joakim Nordin

dream team 12
av Susanne Ringborg

dream Team 7
av Mikael Altersten

dream team 9
av Björn Lumphé

dream Team 10
av Emilia Lindberg

… och det kommer fler!




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