Publicerat 2018-05-08

På menyn

  • Utställningar på hotell Scandic Park
  • Pop ups – Art Kitchen – i city under juni, augusti och september
  • Samarbete konstnärer och varumärken
    I en arty mix fram till oktober då vi gör ett uppehåll för FoKo Art To Go.
    Här vårens dream team FoKo Art To Go in close ups.

dream team 8
av HG Eriksson

Dream team 1
av Caroline Roberts

dream team 6
av Tomas Lacke

dream team 3
av Monica Löfgren

dream Team 5
av Joakim Nordin

dream team 12
av Susanne Ringborg

dream Team 7
av Mikael Altersten

dream team 9
av Björn Lumphé

dream Team 10
av Emilia Lindberg

… och det kommer fler!




Publicerat 2018-04-18

På menyn lördag 5 maj!

Jenny Grant live måleri

Live måleri av och med konstnären Jenny Grant på FoKo Art To Go i Sickla
Lördagen den 5/5  kl 14.00 spänner konstnären Jenny Grant upp sin linneduk på en av väggarna i vår utställningslokal i Sickla Monteringshall och målar live för FoKo publiken.
Adress: hörnet Järnvägsgatan-Smedjegatan Monteringshallen Sickla Köpkvarter / mitt för Sickla Galleria sido-entré gång mot Friskis & Svettis

Jenny skapar energifylld konst i en process där bilden växer fram medan hon målar. Hon arbetar i mixed media: akryl, papper, tyg, bläck, kol, vax m.m. Med lager på lager skapar hon en bild med djup och detaljer.  Jenny arbetar i stora format. Känslor styr motiven och är inspirationen till hennes verk. En dialog mellan bild och konstnär, som ofta resulterar i ett budskap eller en insikt.

Jenny har sin ateljé i Danderyd. Där håller hon workshops i måleri för både barn och vuxna. Att våga skapa och släppa fram kreativiteten, att släppa alla krav på resultat, att stänga av för kritik – både inre och yttre –  är Jennys motto. Jenny Grants konst finns representerad under FoKo Art To Go i Sickla Monteringshall 26/4-5/5

FoKo Sickla A5

Publicerat 2018-02-07


Exhibition by Marie-Louise Ullmark at Scandic Park January 28 – March 11

Marie Louise Ullmark_A3Marie-Louise Ullmark has been living and working in USA for more than 26 years. In 2010, when moving back to Stockholm from San Francisco, she couldn’t leave the city behind. She brought San Fran along in her artistry.

In August 2001 I started to paint. I have always felt drawn to artistic expressions and at that point in my life I had the opportunity to indulge in a new career – the one of an artist. In December the same year, I had my very first exhibition in San Francisco. Since then I have done 21 solo exhibitions and have been participaiing in 23 group exhibitions.”

 Marie-Louise Ullmark is an abstract painter. Her paintings are in acrylic on canvas, photos and plexiglass. To create a depth to her paintings, she works with scrapers, rubber squee gees and of course brushes.

”I get my inspiration from everyday life. I always listen to music when painting. I sort of let the music guide my movements, which brings a kind of rhythm into the paintings. To paint is for me an adventure!”

Marie-Louise Ullmark

Marie Louise Ullmark 3

Publicerat 2017-11-02

”Expressionistic abstract works and soulful faces” at Scandic Park

Exhibition by Arman Sultani at Scandic Park November 2 – December 4
Address: Karlavägen 43, Stockholm

Arman Sultani creates expressionistic abstract works with spontaneous silvery movments with beutiful colors. His composiotions can be compared to musical arrangments, Strong contrast are blended exemplary and with a superb sense of harmony. His paitings are fascinating and mysterious. He is constantley experimenting with figurative and surrealistic elemnts. Beside the abstract works Arman enters, with curiosity, the minds of personalities from history and pop culture resulting in colourful portraits.
”To begin on a new canvas feels like a dip in a northern ocean cold and uncomfortable, but still with a excitement to continue. Painting for me is a way to connect to the world around me. I want to show the course of my life. I paint my everyday feelings and in the rythm of the music, I find my composition. To mix colors is a challange that I love. It makes me feel that I’m transfered into a different dimension where my soul takes control and makes me live my life.
Welcome to get a glimpse of my world!”
Arman Sultani


Happy Dreamer

Mystic Light


Publicerat 2017-07-04

“In balance with stones & icons” the summer exhibition at Scandic Park

”In balance with stones and icons”
Exhibition by Annica Johansson at Scandic Park Hotel Stockholm
Dates: July 5 – August 20
Address: Karlavägen 43 Stockholm

We usually refer to stones as dead matter, but when put together in perfect balance on a canvas, magic happens! The artist Annica Johansson plays with our perception of stones. She brings granite and greyston into life in fascinating portraits – as clear as daylight!

With the same viviant approach the artist portays some of our most beloved icons: Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman to mention some. Intimate and with a gentle hand Annica Johansson presents us her personal view of souls from the past – an emotional encounter!





About Annica Johansson
Since 1996 Annica Johansson has been engaged as artist, having her working space in a studio, once the study room of the director Ingmar Bergman, at Gamla Filmstaden in Solna – the Swedish counterpart to Hollywood. The cinematheque amibence at Gamla Filmstaden inspires Annica in her daily work. Movie stars as: Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, began their careers just next door to Annica, which reflects on a sequence of paintings showing the actresses as movie stars, feministic icons or just as the women they were.

”Stones in balance” is a series of paitings on canvas exploring stones put together forming portraits of solid matter.

Some of the works by Annica Johansson at Scandic Park are fine art prints: No 5, 6 and 9. Each print has three different formats: 20×20 cm, 40×40 cm and 65×65 cm and are in limited editions.
Please, visit: to see all prints.
When interested in purchasing, contact:
Caroline Asplund FoKo Art To Go/
Artist Annica Johansson/

Fine art prints: Ingrid Bergman

349e9a4ba6-StromboliBrun  Lion in me  ArchTheTriomphe
The Garbo Museum
Haga Fjärilshus
Gamla Filmstaden Kultur
Ulriksdals Trädgårds Café
FoKo Art To Go, Hotel Anglais
Stockholms Konstsalong
Affordable Art Fair
Filmstadens Dag
Galleri Panorama
Solna Centrum
FoKo Art To Go, Dieselverkstaden
Gröna Stugan, Sundbyberg

Commissioned works to
Solna kommun
Filmstadens Kultur – Laser stick on steal measuring 10×120 m. A cinema historical ”walk” and installation on the outdoor walls at Gamla Filmstaden, 2006
Alfaskolan i Solna – The solar system in relief 2×3 m, 2001
TTA Technotransfer AB
Tekniska Museet
Nordiska Galleriet
Danderyds Sjukhus
Karolinska Sjukhuset
Volvo PV
Svenska Spel m fl

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