Art of Hope – Guerilla craft in the fight against childhood cancer

Statues and sculptures in Stockholm dressed in eye masks like superheroes in series May 23-29 2022

For the second year the collaboration Guerrilla Handicraft Festival, Childhood CancerFoundation, Stockholm’s Auction House and FoKo Art To Go join together in Art of hope 2022 – guerrilla handcrafted superheroes in the fight against childhood cancer May 23-29.

The Childhood Cancer Foundation conducts the Week of Hope week, where Art of Hope is one among other activities that make the Childhood CancerFoundation work visible and contribute to their fundraising work.

The superheroes
Statues and sculptures around Stockholm will be dressed in eye masks like the those worn by superheroes in series. The masks are done in textile material by guerilla-knitters and artists that are given the artistic freedom to express their commitment to the fight for the real heroes – the children!

What happens then?
The guerrilla craft with accompanying photos will be auctioned off along with art works donated by artists in the Art To Go network. Stockholm’s Auction House conducts the auction for the benefit of the Childhood Cancer Foundation.
Help us spread the word! Or join the fight!
Email info@fo-ko.se to have all information and the list of selected statues and sculptures to choose from.

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